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today is friday

hmm…today is a perfect day..maybe…n i hope it be..even aku tido paling lambat but i am the first one who wake up early in the achivement on this nue year..heheh..

hmm..what am i going to do today????feeling like i want to make some revision.

but i dunno which part i wud start first…waiting for the proposal that dzul promised to give me..then i will look for them..i wish i want to prepared the proposal of design..huhu…i am afraid that i cant do dat…it quite hard for me..n my group always said that girl shud be more intelligent than man..cromosome XX ma…..shit…i hate that word..coz i definitely not intelligence as shud i do now…………..

ptg nih maybe i am going to bayar saman..huhuhu..tapi tak sure jadi ke tak…depends on my hubby…cian dier…die agak tak sihat kebelakangan nih…i dunno how to make him comfortable…but i pray to u GOD, please give back his healthy as well..

mlm nih, mcm biase straight with teater..the competiton juz around the corner… n we are not prepared well yet..n time by time, my heart jumping so quick…i am gonna die cos i have hard work to be done………..


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